Dr. Bill Hettinger, author, educator, and business guru has joined with Business Expert Webinars to offer a series of online webinars to help you solve today’s business problems and develop the skills you need to succeed tomorrow.

Dr. Bill is pleased to offer three webinars on based on his award winning book, Finance Without Fear: A Guide to Creating and Managing a Profitable Business.

Dr. Bill’s webinars will teach you how to make smart profit decisions for your business; never run out of cash; and compete on value, not price.



We are also pleased to be able to offer a series of sales and marketing webinars presented by some the industry’s leading experts. 

Learn how to increase sales and grow your business!

Special Pricing – only $79.  Save $20

Start learning now!


For more information, please contact Dr. Bill Hettinger


(860) 456-4477